Intention Jar Kit

Intention Jar Kit

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YOU are the magic, WE are the tool. 

These DIY intention jar kit contain a mixture of dried herbs, spices, flowers, and stones associated with your chosen intent. Each kit is handmade and unique and therefore specific ingredients and sealing wax may vary slightly for each order.

If you are allergic to any herbs or scents please email us at with your order number. 

Home Protection - Banish and keep negative energy out of your home

Home Harmony- Balance the energies of you home for harmony

Sweet Dreams- Positive and Lucid Dreams

Money Jar- For Quick Money.

Motivation- Motivate you to complete your goals.

Self Confidence- Boost your self confidence

Focus- assist with focus.

Anti Bad Vibes- Keep your safe from negative vibrations and falling into them.

Bitch Be Gone- Remove your funky attitude. 

Business Success- Longevity and success your business. 

Empowerment- increase your feelings of empowerment.

Vitality & Joy- Increase your vitality and joy. 

Self Love- Enhance your self love

Back on Earth- Return to Earth from your astral projection. 

Legal Disclaimer: The items at Modern Mystics are hand crafted and should be used with intention of the buyer, intention jars are not intended to be used in replacement of professional advice such as medical, legal, psychological, or business. We also do not guarantee any type of result as the source of the magic is always the buyer. We simply provide the tool.