Modern Mystic Academy Membership

Modern Mystic Academy Membership

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Modern Mystics Academy Membership - Presale Pricing

The entry level tier for those who are:

  • Access to Live Play Backs
  • Access to Classroom Academy Courses from Beginner to Advanced (as released) for subjects ranging from Astrology through the very many Magical Variations. 
  • Early Access to Monthly New & Full Moon Ritual Based on Rising 
  • Access to Guest Speaker & Teacher 
  • Early Access to Podcast Schedule
  • Exclusive Content not found in Our Free Discord
  • Book Club

*Please note that you are subscribing to a subscription. Your card will be charged based on the type of membership you choose. You are required to provide a 30 notice of cancellation. Any subscriptions where payments fail will be removed from the membership. 

**Membership is FREE to all members of the Eco Club for each month they are actively purchasing. For information about converting your home with Nicole Marie (must be HER personal client to qualify) please contact her at

*** Presale pricing ends when all initial positions have been filled. Prices will increase regularly based on the need.