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Our Moon Mist Series is handcrafted sprays made with essentials oils, moon water charged from the last full moon, herbs and lots of love and magic. These can be used in your home, office, car or anywhere you feel you need a higher vibration. Our bottles are refillable glass and in effort to take care of mother earth we highly encourage that if you intend to purchase the same moon mist you consider purchasing the refillable pouch.

Currently our series is offering the following hand crafted Moon Mists:

Cleanse Spray: Sage / Cedar / Quartz Crystal (Cleanses any negative energy to give you a fresh start)

Energy Detox: Sage / Basil / Black Tourmaline / Citrine (Gives you an energy reset)

Energy Boost: Grapefruit / Lavender / Eucalyptus / Citrine (Gives you a boost of energy)

Joyful Boost: Lemon / Lavender / Orange / Rose Quartz (Gives you a boost of joy)

Memory Boost: Peppermint / Rosemary / Patchouli (Boosts your memory)

Peaceful Child: Vetiver / Frankincense / Roman Chamomile / Clary Sage / Marjoram / Amethyst (Help calm your kiddos)

Stress Relief: Lavender / Clary Sage / Orange /  Amethyst (Calm your stress)

Ignite The Flame: Geranium / Orange / Clove / Ylang Ylang / Rose Quartz (Spray on your sheets to set the mood. *Adults only*)