Intuitive Readings

Intuitive Readings

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Intuitive Readings with Tarot and Oracle. 

1 Card - direct answer to a single question.

3 Card Spreads - Inner Guidance, My Needs, Past / Present / Future, Retrograde Pull, Burn Out (Where my energy went), Full Moon, New Moon

4 Card Spread - Bullshit Detector, Week Ahead, Ancestor Spread.

5 Card Spreads - Shadow Spread, Healing Insecurity, Selfcare, Money Spread, Simple Monthly Check In, Career Forward Spread. 

6 Card Spreads - Dream Interruption, Past Year Reflection, Spiritual Bypassing.

8 Card Spreads - Unlocking Your Psychic Gifts, Self Discovery, Past Life, Generational Trauma. 

9 Card Spreads - Finding Your Spiritual Identity, Complex Monthly Look Ahead, Hello from Heaven.

10 Card Spreads - Celtic Cross, Deathly Hollows Spread  

13 Card Spreads - A Year Ahead.

16 Card Spreads - The 6 Month Goal Setting.



**This is NOT a live reading.